The Goods

What We Offer, At A Glance

logo design
brand identity & strategies
style guides
branded collateral
web design & development
graphic design
mobile-friendly design
campaign graphics & strategies
SEO-friendly website content
ideation & storytelling
email marketing
social media campaigns


website optimization
social media consultations
website & social analytics
audience engagement plans

Where It All Leads

Invest In Your Digital Marketing And You Will...

Magnify Your Brand

Produce exceptional content and marketing collateral to convey your authenticity and integrity. 

Increase Interactions

Drive fresh traffic to your website using proven SEO practices, and grow and convert your followers on social media.

Connect With Fans

Tell memorable, compelling stories about your mission that engage followers and attract new audiences. 

Areas of Expertise

Content Wizardry 🪄

Your company has a unique story to tell. With extensive experience as an in-house writer, editor, and graphic designer, I have a knack for pulling the uncut content gems from the day-to-day business hustle and polishing them into compelling stories to help you connect with audiences and engage clients or supporters on a variety of platforms.



  • Content Marketing: SEO-friendly website and blog article writing
  • Social Media Content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: page setup, content calendars and themes, hashtag and keyword strategies, graphics, ad campaigns
  • Graphic Design: brochures, business cards, annual reports, newsletters, fact sheets, and more
  • Editing: copy editing and proofreading services
  • Annual Reports: Content production, editing, and design
  • Branded Merch: T-shirts, hats, truck wraps, magnets, and more
  • Canvassing Materials: Postcards, yard signs, door-hangers, and flyers
  • Email Marketing: Content development, template design, graphics

Website Wizardry 🖥️

Your website is your company’s online flagship. Let’s make sure it’s a friendly one that is calling in clients and supporters and giving them what they expect and need. A little wizardry can go a long way in polishing your brand and getting rid of that “website shame” that haunts us when we’re just too busy to get those finishing touches done. 




  • Web Design: Designing and developing beautiful, simplified, easy-to-maintain websites on Squarespace
  • Website Tweaking: Designing, editing, and optimizing websites and landing pages on a host of platforms including Squarespace, WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, and Joomla
  • Main Webpage Content Development: Writing fresh, engaging, SEO-friendly webpage content
  • Blogging: Blog article ideation, content creation, and content calendar development
  • Website Fixing: Content audits and rewrites, navigation menu simplification, image optimization, and design consulting
  • Mobile-Friendly Web Design: Create a responsive design that works well on every device
  • Analytics Review: Use website traffic data to guide the development of fresh content and design

Branding 🔮

Logo feeling outdated? Need to level up all your marketing materials to help the growing needs for your business? Let us dig in on what makes your brand special and reflect that out into the world through fresh, functional, consistent branding that communicates your authenticity, professionalism, and awesomeness.



  • Logo design
  • Mission and vision statement development
  • Brand identity explorations and exercises to nail down your company personality, values, and tone
  • Branded collateral (business cards, brochures, letterhead, official documents, etc.)
  • Email marketing templates
  • Social media graphics
  • Print and web style guides for maintaining brand consistency

Email Marketing 🔊

Did you know your email list is your #1 marketing asset? Being able to communicate directly with audiences is an invaluable digital tool. Let’s create an email marketing plan that provides customers and supporters with valuable content they want to open and read while promoting your latest services and programs.




  • Website integration and lead generation strategies
  • Email marketing strategies for audience growth
  • First-time setup: software recommendations, branded templates, email list management, audience segmentation, auto-response setup and content
  • Content calendars and content production
  • Email layout and design
  • Analytics tracking
  • Tactics to increase subscriptions, open rates, and click rates
  • Consultations: Content reviews, analyses, and suggestions for content and engagement
  • Responsive design and mobile view optimization

You May Ask Yourself...

Why Digital Marketing? 🤔

In this ever-changing technological landscape, it can be hard to pinpoint where to spend your precious marketing resources and how to transform your efforts into results. Perhaps you find yourself asking things like…


How do I use social media to gain customers, and which platforms should I be on?


How do I create content that my customers will actually read and respond to?


My website needs a little help, but where do I even start?


How do I get more people to open and click through my emails?


I can help you with all of the above and then some! Online marketing can bring you leads, customers, and fans, but only if you work strategically and avoid the trap of trying to be everywhere all at once.


Contact me to start brainstorming solutions.

And Another Thing

A Note On Being Green 💚

After working for a leading Zero Waste and recycling social enterprise for 13 years, living and “seeing” green has become second nature to me. I’m invested in environmental sustainability as a personal pathway, a business ethic, and a portal for raising consumer consciousness and making a difference for our climate and planet.


Want to green your business card or flyer? How about touting your green efforts to your audience? Get in touch and I’ll help you assess where and how you can green your business.