If you know me, you know I am NOT a fan of plastic. This wonder product of the postmodern era has made its way into nearly every facet of our lives: It encases the products we buy, it makes up our products; it’s a vessel for what we drink, what we eat. It’s everywhere, and it’s hard to imagine how we’d live our lives without it. (Can you picture what your home would look like if you removed every item that contained plastic from it?)

I’ve come to accept that there is a place in this world for plastic. Baby bottles isn’t one of them.

Why avoid plastic baby bottles?

Look, I get it. Plastic is lightweight and doesn’t break. It won’t melt in the microwave or the dishwasher. It’s inexpensive. It’s colorful and cute.

But plastic has a dark side: It leaches. That means the chemicals that make up the plastic can be released into your food or drinks. One better known chemical, BPA, is responsible for making some certain plastics transparent and shatterproof. Unfortunately, it has also been in the news in recent years because of its potentially harmful effects on the brains and behaviors of children.

Sadly, BPA is one plastic chemical of many that can adversely affect our health, which means choosing a BPA-free bottle is not THE solution.

Here’s my advice: Skip Plastic All Together for Baby and Kid Bottles

Again, I hear you! Plastic is just SO convenient! Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s 2019 and the eco-lords have given us a variety of plastic-bottle alternatives in the baby AND kid department!

My Choice: Evenflo Glass Baby Bottles

I purchased these when my 4-year-old was a baby, and her little brother just traded them for sippy cups. I know what you’re thinking.. Glass for my baby? Really?? Yes, really! I literally never had one of these bottles break, and they have been dropped on wood, laminate, and linoleum. My babies have never had a hard time holding them, and they are a breeze to clean — every part is dishwasher safe. Bonus: The nipples (like most bottle nipples) are made of silicone, my other favorite nontoxic, kid-friendly material, making this bottle (everything that touches the milk/formula) completely leach-free.

What do YOU think?

Would you give your baby a glass bottle? Are you going to stick with plastic baby bottles? Share your thoughts and/or questions in the comments!